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Tuesday, 9/19

posted Sep 18, 2017, 6:47 PM by Doug Haskins   [ updated Sep 19, 2017, 12:08 PM ]

Essential Question:  What are the similarities of the chemicals that make up living things?


Tonight’s Homework & Upcoming Assessments

Other Announcements

START HERE:  1. Review the content from the reading activity, "Biological Molecules". What are the types of biological molecules? 

2. Biological Molecules Chart - In groups, complete the chart. Review the various aspects of the organic molecules that make up living things 

  - blank chart

3. Present the information to the class. 

4. Homework: Begin the prelab work (see homework)

mentor meetings

Homework: Biolab 2 - Introduction to Biochemistry Prelab

  1. Read the following background information for the lab
  2. In the biolab section of the notebook, draw this table (ONLY #1) and complete it from the information in the reading. DO NOT DRAW CHART 2. 
Reagent: a substance for use in chemical analysis 

Postive/Negative Test: Changes to be seen with the addition of the reagent

Chemistry: type of reaction or interaction  bank:  
  • complex of Cu2+
  • complex of I3- or I5-
  • reduction of Cu2+
  • Solubility of Sudan III Fat

Biology Workshop:

Stay after school for the biology workshop! Tuesday, 9/19/17

  • Lab Report Rewrites
  • Retake water properties quiz

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