Entering Grades

Here are YouTube videos by various colleges that demonstrates features of each LMS candidate's gradebook.  Unfortunately these videos are not a good apples to apples comparison, but you can get a sense of how simple or complex each solution is. Click the icon on the lower right corner of the YouTube video to view full screen.

Instructure Canvas

  • Grade book is compact to improve readability.
  • Scores can be calculated excluding unsubmitted work to determine point-in-time status.
  • Unlike Angel, grades can be entered directly into the gradebook spreadsheet. Most scores are automatically added from the assignments.
  • Includes a to-do list for faculty on what needs to be graded.
  • Includes a speed-grader feature so faculty can grade the same assignment for all students.
  • The grade book reader renders submitted web pages and other file formats so that the instructor can read virtually any file submission.
  • A single view renders the assignment content, rubric, and feedback window. The feedback window lets you record audio and video feedback directly in the system.
  • You can also use a peer review feature if you wish students to grade each other.

Entering Grades in Canvas

Blackboard Learn

  • Shows multiple ways of entering grades through the gradebook. 
  • Does not show how assignments or rubrics are viewed when entering grades.
  • You can allow running totals that do not show un-submitted work to calculate a point-in-time.

Entering Grades in Blackboard



  • Shows how to setup a gradebook and relese grades to students.
  • You can preview the gradebook so you can see the student's perspective.
  • Does not show how you view assignments & rubrics in the grading process.
  • Looks like you do not release the final grade until you are ready so not sure if you can do point-in-time grading.

Entering Grades in D2L