Building a Course

These are existing videos on YouTube that provides a glimpse of what is it like to develop a course in each of the candidate systems. Volume on Canvas is low so you will need to crank it up, but be sure to turn it back down for the other two. Click the icon on the lower right corner of the YouTube video to view full screen.

Instructure Canvas

  • Shows the dasboard view where course/studnet information is aggregated for you as the instructor.
  • Uses a four step process in developing the course.
  • Course is organized by assignments.
  • Students cannot access course until instructor publishes it.
  • From the course view, a wizard is available at the bottom of the page for help in development. The wizard is hidden once the course is published.

Building a Course in Canvas


Blackboard Learn

  • This video is a remake in YouTube of an interactive video so ignore the instructions on the controls.
  • Designing a course uses a three step process.
  • Blackboard allows you to choose a structure for your course based on best practices.
  • Blackboard also allows you to choose a theme for the course.
  • Once the course is created you can then add content using guided links.

Building a Course in Blackboard



  • D2L has several different methods for creating a course including an instructional design wizard. This video demonstrates the course builder.
  • Contains a library of content items that can be dragged & dropped into modules.
  • Similar to Angel, initially dropping a content item opens an editor for the content item.
  • The demo assumes that you created most of your content items separately and you are arranging these items into a structure.

Building a Course in D2L