Sabbatical Request Form


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Sabbaticals provide faculty with paid release time in order to facilitate professional development, original scholarship, and to contribute to the intellectual life of the university and/or community.


Sabbatical applicants must meet the following criteria:

Ø Full-time member of the faculty.

Ø Hold continuous appointment.

Ø Have completed a minimum of six years of full-time service to the university, i.e., eligible to apply in the seventh year of employment. Example: Professor X began employment at Avila in the Fall of 1996. X may then apply in the Fall of 2002 for a sabbatical during the 2003-2004 academic year.

Ø Have not been granted a sabbatical in the last six years. Example: Professor Y was granted a sabbatical in the Fall of 1997 for the Spring of 1999 will be eligible to apply in the Fall of 2004.

Ø Must agree to share sabbatical activities with Avila University community in some manner.

Ø Faculty who receive a dissertation sabbaticals, must complete an additional six years of employment before they are eligible to apply for a sabbatical under this program.

Criteria for Evaluation

Ø Relevance of proposal: Contribution to professional and institutional goals.

Ø Timeliness of proposal: Need to take advantage of an opportunity which may not be available at a future date.

Ø Likelihood of completion of project: Proposed time schedule.

Ø Completeness of application.

Procedures and Deadlines

Ø Applications should first be submitted to the department chairperson, if appropriate.

Ø They should next be submitted to the dean of the college/school.

Ø They must be submitted to the Faculty Scholarship Committee on or before the second Monday in September of the year prior to the requested sabbatical period. The committee may recommend two sabbaticals per academic year, although if an applicant requests a year-long sabbatical the committee may recommend three sabbaticals per academic year.

Ø The Committee will forward its recommendations to the Vice- President for Academic Affairs on or before the second Monday in October.

Ø The Vice-President for Academic Affairs will forward his/her recommendations to the President on or before last Monday in October.

Ø Sabbaticals will be awarded by the President and applicants will be notified on or before second Monday in November.

Ø Awardees will provide a report (as well as an electronic version) summarizing the faculty member’s sabbatical activities and copies of any publications, conference papers, etc. generated by or during the sabbatical to the Academic Affairs Office by the end of the academic year following the completion of the sabbatical.


Provide a detailed and comprehensive response for each of the following items in your application for a sabbatical.

Ø 1. Sabbatical Application Cover Sheet.

Ø 2. Sabbatical Application Signature Sheet.

Ø 3.An abstract of no more than 150 words describing the proposed sabbatical project.

Ø 4. A detailed description (3 pages, double-spaced minimum with 12 pt. font) of the sabbatical project, which includes the purpose of the sabbatical, the contribution of this project to scholarship in one’s discipline or to the community and a statement of specific objectives.

Ø 5. Prior work or preparation, if any, related to the project.

Ø 6. An outline and detailed timeline of activities or stages for planned activity.

Ø 7. Plan within the college/school for meeting staffing needs during the proposed sabbatical period.

Ø 8. Attach a current curriculum vitae.

Ø 9. Address how this activity will further your personal and professional goals.

Ø 10. Address how this activity will benefit Avila University.

Ø 11. An plan for sharing the results of your sabbatical with the Avila community and with other relevant groups.

Ø 12. Supportive materials include letters from references (including at least two letters from peers in one’s discipline outside Avila University, who can provide specific insights into the significance of the proposed activity.

Andria Stokes,
Aug 25, 2012, 8:59 AM