Innovative Teaching Grant

   Application for Innovative Teaching Grant

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Grant Period ___________

Grant Funds Requested  $________

             Date of Institutional Review Board Approval/Waiver__________


        1.       Date:

        2.       Applicant’s Name:

        3.       School/College:


        4.       Description of the teaching /pedagogical technique to be tested



        5.       Description of Proposed Research Design

            In what Avila course(s) will you implement the technique? Approximately how many Avila students will be impacted? How will you gather and display 

            empirical data regarding student learning? What type of base-line and post assessments instruments will be used? Will control and/or quasi-experimental 

            groups be used? Provide any information pertinent to your research.


        6.        Research Timeline

            Provide an overview of your timeline. Include important benchmarks in your research. If your study includes training seminars, site visits or conference 

            attendance, note these in your timeline.


        7.       Dissemination Plans

            How do you plan to disseminate the results of your research known to your Avila and other professional colleagues?


        8.       Projected Budget for Activity

            Provide a breakdown of how you intend to use the funds requested throughout your project. Please indicate amount and sources of other funding that will be 

            used. How will other source funds be spent? 

Andria Stokes,
Aug 25, 2012, 9:18 AM