Video Conferencing with Google+ Hangout

Some of your instructors may use Hangout for virtual office hours in online courses. Others may ask you to collaborate online between classes. Hangout is a video conferencing solution that is easy to use and it integrates with Google+ message streaming.

This first video highlights its features. The second video demonstrates how to "hang out."

Setting up a Google+ Hangout Session

Steps to setup the hangout

  • Log into your Avila Google Account.
  • Click your name with the plus symbol in the menu bar at the top of the screen. If you do not see your name with the plus symbol then you still need to activate your Google+ account (see these instructions).
  • Use a circle of friends, or create a new, if you wish to limit the hang out to a select group of people.
  • Open the circle and click start hang out.
  • Google will open a preview window. Give permission for Google+ to access your webcam and mic.
  • When you are ready click hang out.
  • Google+ will place your video feed at the bottom of the screen and post an announcement in the circle thread that you are hanging out.