Linking your Google Account to YouTube

Google owns YouTube but they are not fully integrated. So you may need to link a YouTube account with your Google account. This video gives a quick demonstration of how to do that. Below are step-by-step instructions.

Linking YouTube with Google


  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. From the More menu select YouTube.
  3. Once you are at the YouTube site, click Sign In located in the upper right portion of the screen. You should see your account name displayed.
  4. From here click a menu item like Upload. If your account is not linked, Google will display a page to create a channel.
  5. Click Make me a new channel!
  6. Enter your user name (e.g. If the user name is already taken, select another from one of the suggestions.
  7. Enter your location (United States), date of birth, and gender. Click Next.
  8. YouTube will display a page where you link the two accounts. Shown on the left will be the new YouTube channel you just created. Shown on the right is a Google Account logon display. Enter your original email address and Google account password.
  9. Click Link Accounts.