Creating a YouTube Video Online

Some instructors and online courses may ask you to make an online presentation or provide a video update of your work. You can make a simple video presentation directly on YouTube and send the URL to your instructor.

What you will need

  • YouTube Account (free)
  • Computer with a webcam and microphone
  • Flip chart or other non-tech visual aids: this procedure doesn't allow advanced editing so you will need to show your visual aids to the camera.
Watch this video on how to create the video. An outline of the instructions are below.

YouTube Video


  1. Access your YouTube account.
  2. Click Upload
  3. Click Record from webcam
  4. Allow YouTube to find your webcam and microphone
  5. Click Ready to Record and begin your presentation
  6. Click the stop icon in the lower left portion of the video capture screen
  7. Preview and re-record if necessary
  8. Click Publish
  9. Add video information (title, description, tags, etc.)
  10. Under broadcasting and sharing options select private and copy the URL provided (unless you want to make the video public)
  11. Send the URL to your audience or submit for the assignment