Academic Programme 2016

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here to download a copy of the Academic Programme and Option Forms for 2016.

Student Network Accounts and Network Access:
Whether you are new to the school or returning, you will need to sign your Network Agreement. Once your Data Use Agreement is signed, you will have personal access to the Internet and other services.

New to the School (or never had a Network Account):
This is where you sign up for a new network account. To complete the process, you will need to know your home phone number or a contact number for M
um, Dad or a caregiver.

Returning to the school:
This is where you sign your Data Use Agreement for the year and re-activate your account

Lost your password?

Your password is extremely important because it gives you
  • Access to any school computer
  • Internet
  • File storage
  • Printing
  • Email
  • School Calendar
Soon it will give you access to personal information such as your school reports, NCEA and Cambridge progress, and much more. 

It would be dangerous to let your password fall into other hands. 


You should change your password on a regular basis. You'll see this under the "Home" menu.

If you have lost your password, your subject teacher may be able to help. Otherwise you can visit the library and ask for help from a librarian. 

Remember to always be aware of the Network rules and follow them, otherwise you run a risk of loosing your network account for a time

Your smart device

 We encourage you to bring a smart device to school to use in class. Smart devices include laptops, tablets and phones. There are some important rules about using smart devices:
Phones are never permitted to be used in class but smart devices can be used sometimes. This means that phones can never be used to make phone calls or to send texts while you are in the classroom.

However, If and only if, your teachers says "this is a smart lesson" or "this is a smart activity", you can use your smart device to access educational material for the lesson. 

If you use your smart device outside of those times, you may loose access to the Internet or loose your account for a period of time.

Accessing the school site from home:
The school Intranet can be accessed from home as easily as it can be from school. 

Student file storage and file quotas:
In N: drive, DocsForMe is provided for you to keep your school documents. We provide as much space as you need on the understanding that you only store documents for school and you use common sense. If you store files for entertainment, we may impose a permanent quota of 50MB. 
Careers   - Located A19
Careers staff are available for students to talk to. 

TTCF Scholarship application forms are available from the Careers Centre.  Degree courses - $3000.00 scholarships and $2000.00 for certificate and diploma courses.  Applications close 15 September.

University of Otago Scholarship applications close 15 August 2015.

Engineering Futures Evening - 30 July, 6 - 8pm at the Fisher & Paykel Auditorium, Owen Glenn Building.  Register at

Victoria University Information Evening - Thursday 30 July, 6.30pm at the Pullman Hotel, Princes St, Auckland. 

University of Auckland Maori and Pacific Finance Evening - Thursday 30 July, 6.00pm - 8.30pm.  You need to register for this event at 

Study at Victoria Open Day - Friday 28 August.  Please register with Careers staff for this event.

Australian National University Information Session - Thursday 6 August, 4.30 - 6.30pm in the Goodman Fielder Room, Aotea Centre.  Please register at: 

University of Auckland Science Futures Evening - Thursday 6 August, 5.30 - 7.30pm at the Fisher and Paykel Appliances Auditorium, University of Auckland.

MIT Experience Days - See Careers staff if you are interested in attending any of these days.
4 August - Nautical Science (Maritime School, Central City)
14 August - Creative Arts - Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Creative Writing
21 August - Engineering - Civil, Mechanical and Electrical

Careers Events - Open Days and Career Events will be found here.

Remote access to the school network

You can now access school computer remotely from your home. It is very easy and you will be able to use all the programs that you can use on a school computer. 

Simply download this, put it onto your windows desktop and click it to access a school computer. For more information go to Network -> RemoteAccessForStudents

Sports News

Check out all of this week's fixtures, now available on the intranet.  These will be updated as they change and cover Monday through to the following Wednesday (updated each Monday) so you always have the most up to date information of when and where your game is.
 The new Library computer system is here.
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