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Organizational matters

For providing feedback or requests for change concerning document classes/types, please address te following e-mail:

Administrators inside faculties and departments

  • Every faculty or department has its own Xythos Administrator. This will preferrably be the ELCO or IT contact person. However, another staff member may also be appointed to manage user access.
  • The Xythos Administrator manages rights to folders and files, and is responsible for functional management. He or she also forms the linking pin to the general Xythos Administration group (Sebastiaan Mooij, Gerard Latjes).
  • The IT contact person can request usergroups/roles for Xythos by using the collaboration tool.

What documents can be placed inside Xythos?

  • Documents you don't share with students.
  • Documents you share with colleagues or external contacts.
  • Documents that don't contain confidential information like exams, financial information or personal information.
  • Documents that belong in specific systems (Osiris, HRM) should preferrably not be kept in Xythos.