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Xythos Mobile

Xythos Digital Locker can be accessed using phones and tablets.
Using the url share.avans.nl with a mobile device, will make Xythos use the url share.avans.nl/xythosmobile. The mobile interface will be shown automatically.

If you want to use the old Xythos Apps; please read on below:

Configuring Xythos apps is similar to XDrive (Xythos Drive) for home use. You will need to enter the root URL (https://share.avans.nl), followed by the folder you want to access (e.g. users/yourusersname). You will also have to provide the right credentials to log on.

Note: if logging in with your Avans useraccount fails, the app might presume you are logging in with a user from your local network. You can fix this by explicitly naming the Avans domain in your username: yourusername@avans.nl (which is NOT your email address).
Download an overview (in Dutch) of Apps that can be used to access share.avans.nl.