Day 4: February 5th: Artificial Intelligence?

Watch out, we got a bad-butt over here!
Watch out, this computer's pretty bad-butt.

Posted below is a great clip about machines vs humans from PBS.  We are going to watch it in class, but if you miss class, you should watch it on your own. It does an awesome job of comparing the human brain to a computer, and it fits right in with our upcoming discussion of binary vs base-ten counting, and leads into a discussion of the internet. After watching the video, think about the difference in how Watson uses the internet, and how we use the internet.

In a google doc that you name properly and put into your folder, answer the following questions:

1. How do you use the internet?  If you wanted to answer a question, say, "What is the first step in cellular respiration?" what would you do?

2. How does Watson answer the previous question (be detailed in your answer)?

3. What are the advantages to having a human brain rather than having a computer brain that allow us to compete well on Jeopardy?

4. How does Watson overcome the challenges of being a computer?

On to today's real question:  What in the world is the internet, and how did Chris make it through high school ignoring it?

Now continue by answering the following questions about your use of the internet (some of them may take research):

5. What is the first step you take in researching something on the internet?

6. What can you do to make sure the information you gather from the internet is "good?"

7. Who has access to the internet to put information up?

8. Where is information on the internet "stored?"  (When you access a website, what are you actually "accessing"?

9. Why do teachers make you "cite your sources" when they ask you to do research?