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Support Guidelines

To serve you better, we respectfully submit the recommendations below.

Appoint a Designated Contact

Please appoint a single point of contact who can
  1. Vet issues
  2. check for duplicates / existing issues
  3. Be thoroughly familiar with BusLogicIntro samples

Verify Hibernate operation before introducing Business Logic

Please try to verify you can read/write Hibernate objects before introducing business logic.  We will do our utmost to support your business logic issues, but consulting services charges may be applied for helping you configure / debug Hibernate.

Sending small, importable, executable Projects

If we are unable to diagnose the issue from screen shots and stack traces, you will need to supply your project.  If at all possible, please try to recreate the issue in either the BusLogicIntro or BusLogicDemo project.  When that is impractical, you will probably want to create a small transportable project from your main project:

  1. Send an importable project: this should be complete so it can be imported for debugging.  You can reduce the project size and facilitate debugging by linking to the abl project, part of the Project Structure Guidelines.

  2. Remove unnecessary elements: to reduce dependencies, please try to remove dependencies on large/proprietary libraries not required to recreate the problem.

  3. Include test data: if the problem involves the runtime, we will need test data and instructions / scripts for loading it.  Ideally, a very small MySql/Hsql database is simplest to send and use.

  4. Include a database diagram: even a simple, hand-drawn database diagram can dramatically speed our analysis.

  5. Include recreation steps: the best approach is to build a test (jUnit or Groovy) - this makes it easy to re-run the test, and eliminates the complexity of user interface frameworks.

  6. Have Support tools available: in extreme cases, we may ask you to check Hibernate errors, so please download the proper Hibernate source

Consulting Services

If we determine that a support call represents a services need (i.e., need assistance in how to solve a problem), we will formally notify you of that, and, at your option, convert the incident into a paid support engagement.