Fast Start

Other ABL Releases

Use the links at the left to get the current version of ABL product.

There are additional installers for
  1. ABL Demo - the home page enables you to run and/or install the demo, or build it with Maven

  2. Tutorials - the home page also provides links to install Tutorials, where you build complete ABL projects in about 30 minutes

  3. Framework Demos - there are several installers that illustrate how to use ABL with various Java frameworks
To download the current version of ABL (click here for a Release Summary):
This results in zip file you unpack and install as described below.  The instructions below provide a summary of the installation process.  For more detail, see the Installation Instructions.

Older releases and daily builds are also available.


Since the installer includes all required libraries, you'll be up and running in a few minutes after you get the following basics (click this link for a full list of 


Follow the Installation Instructions to create a workspace from the expanded zip/tar, and import these existing sample projects:
  1. abl - the runtime engine (referenced by the other projects)

  2. BusLogicDemo - a small database and JSP application (demonstrated on the Home Page)

  3. ABL Pro contains the following additional projects:

    1. BusLogicExt - logic extensions used in the next step

    2. BusLogicIntro - larger database used for training

  4. Problems?  Check out the Trouble Shooting Guide.  Or contact us via Website Chat
You will need to create a web server (such as Tomcat) as described in the Installation Instructions, and add the BusLogicDemo project into it.   There should be no errors at this point.


You are now fully installed.  It is important that you perform the Installation Verification steps to:
  1. BusLogicDemo - start your web server and run the simple JSP app (http://localhost:8080/BusLogicDemo) to illustrate ABL (demonstrated on the Home Page)

    1. For ABL 2.1, use http://localhost:8080/BusLogicDemo/index.jsp to run without the video tutorial.

  2. ABL Pro - run ant script at build/runAllTests_hsql.xml for the BusLogicIntro jUnit tests (no user interface)

Get Help

Click the chat box on the home page.

Sign up for the Forum to get support from Automated Business Logic and other users, make your own contributions


If you have not already done so, view the short video on the Home Pageand read the 2-page Technical Summary.  You can most easily explore Business Logic as follows:

  • Operations: take the 5 minute Tour 
  • Design: explore the Tutorial to learn business logic patterns 
    • See and run these examples using the BusLogicIntro database in your download
    • Or just browse to explore how ABL addresses complex problems with just a few rules

Easy to try on your own projects 

It is easy to introduce Business Logic to your project: simply add a Hibernate configuration parameter, and start introducing Logic Components.   Initially, these might be as simple as a multi-attribute constraint, or auditing.  Find out more in the Getting Started guide.

Legalities and Pricing

The standard edition of ABL is open-source: you can use it with few restrictions, described in our public license, which is essentially the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The Professional edition of ABL is not fully open-source. You can use it for evaluation and development purposes, but it is subject to our Commercial license. Pricing is described here.