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For Project Planners..

The following links will be of interest to those planning a project:

 Link Description
 Overview An overview of Business logic, with focus on the project life cycle
 Managing Suggestions on managing business logic projects

Business Logic Perspectives

The following information provides different perspectives on ABL.  While all the key concepts are covered above, some of these might focus on areas pertinent to you and your team:

 Link Description
 Overview of Business Logic White Paper identifying the business logic gap, and the ABL solution
 Rich, Active Declarative Domain Model Explains how ABL's Rich, Active Declarative Domain model delivers the key requirements for transactional business logic: active enforcement, separation of concerns, performance, agility and total cost of ownership
 Executive Overview Video and short summary of our approach and value proposition
 Video Tour Defining and debugging business logic
 Domain Driven Automation   A paper describing how JPA Annotations can be leveraged to build deployable web apps

Getting Started

It is easy to introduce Business Logic to your project; this describes how.  You will need to download (and verify) Automated Business Logic.

Start Small

You can start really small.  For example, your initial logic might be simple as a multi-attribute constraint, or auditing.
After you have built a project and verified that Hibernate/JPA works for retrieval and update (perhaps by jUnit):
  1. Activate by updating the Hibernate Configuration file (1 line) to plug in the Business Logic Engine, and add the required jar files to your project (or use Maven to do all that work for you)

  2. Define a Business Logic Component in either Java or Groovy
You can step through the process by following one of the Tutorials.

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