Automated Business Logic LLC was created in 2011, with a passion for utilizing declarative approaches to make Java App Development an order of magnitude faster, simpler, and easier.  Contact us using the links at the bottom of this page if you'd like to talk with us -- we'd love to hear from you!

Val Huber - President

Mr Huber has pioneered the automation of application development over many years.

His interest began while working at Xerox on benchmarks - almost always lost to IBM.  Why?  "IBM is better at Data Processing".  Concluding that an understanding of Data Processing could lead to producing value, he signed on to a consulting firm to build applications to learn the patterns of Data Processing.  This provided a critical practical basis for the innovations to follow.

In the 1980s, he was the driving force behind Wang's highly regarded PACE (Professional Application Development Environment).  Pace provided a relational DBMS, with a full automated tool suite for reports and interactive applications.  Applications were specified with a simple menu-driven selection that resulted in sophisticated multi-screen systems.  Business Logic was specified declaratively, in one of the first Business Rule systems.  A variation of Pace (Memory Base) was provided for End User Application Development.  Mr. Huber was awarded several patents for the unique innovations behind Pace.  Pace enjoyed considerable commercial success, installed at over 6,500 sites.

After a stint as an Architect in Sybase, Mr. Huber become the driving technical force in Versata.  There, he led the development of a Java-based Business Rule Management System.  This system enabled sophisticated rich or thin applications to be developed from a site-map drawing, with Business Rule Automation for Transaction, Process and Decision Logic.  BRMS systems supported tens of thousands of concurrent users, executing within industry standard Application Servers and databases.  Versata was funded by major industry figures like Paul Allen, and enjoyed a multi-billion dollar IPO.

Photo of Max Tardiveau
Max Tardiveau - Chief Technology Officer

Max Tardiveau has been writing software since the days when the word "software" sounded funny to most people. He holds an M.S. in software engineering from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. After working at Unisys on repository development, he joined Versata and consulted around the world on transactional business logic. He then founded Integrity Logic, a software and consulting company specializing in geo-enabled mobile apps, but he never lost his interest in automating software development, which brought him to start ABL with Val.