Welcome to Mrs. Guenther's Math Essentials Site.  The class syllabus, calendar, and handouts can be found here.  

Class Description:

In Math Essentials, students develop and strengthen their basic calculation and problem-solving skills. Students will explore their individual strengths and weaknesses and learn strategies for success in their Algebra course.  Topics we will discuss/look over include time management, active listening, organization, practicing concepts previously learned or soon to be learned, preparing for tests, and managing homework.  

**Students will earn credit for this course, therefore it should be treated as a normal content class. School grading scales and classroom rules will be followed as set forth in the student handbook.** 

Required Materials:

     Daily Planner

     Writing Utensils

     Homework and materials from Algebra class

(Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom to get materials once the bell rings.)

Classroom Rules:

     Arrive to class on time

     Bring all materials needed for class.

     Be seated and listening for daily agenda on time.

     Respect yourself, adults, students, and school property.

     Stay on task throughout instructional time (Please DO NOT     line up at the door prior to the bell).

Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD):

    You may not have a device out during instruction unless the teacher states otherwise. If you have the device out during class without permission, you will be written-up, and possibly have the device taken, for disciplinary action. In addition, you may not have out ear-buds, headphones, etc. In summary, no devices, no ear-buds, no headphones, etc. during instruction… this is the policy EVERY DAY, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Procedure for Make Up Work

When you return from an absence, you are responsible for going to the class calendar to see what assignments you missed.  All handouts given in class will be available on the Curriculum Page within this site. You are expected to go to this page and retrieve missing assignments. Students will be given time that is at least equivalent to the number of days missed to make up work.

If you are in school for any part of a day, it is your responsibility to get the notes and homework assignment for the day! (This includes school activities… clubs, sports, academics)