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Flittering Moments

posted May 31, 2017, 8:55 AM by Eli Roberts

By:  Danielle G.

I hear the melodic cadence of the vibrantly colored birds flittering ever so softly from tree to tree.  Their sweet songs collide, giving birth to a symphony of sounds.  The flits of red, blue and green are displayed against the canopy, just as fireflies on a clear summer evening illuminating the path of our feathery friends.  I look forward to this part of day when the sun begins to peak over the horizon and awaken all in its path.

            While I continue watching the colorful twinkles in the trees and give ear to the delightful sounds, a subtle breeze brushes across my face.  As I deeply inhale, I am reminded of the fragrances of the season – scents of lavender, honeysuckle and gardenia.  The sky quickly changes its hue from pastels of pink, lavender and peach to more vibrant bursts of red, purple and orange.  I wonder how my day, and in essence my life, could be transformed if only every day would permit me such magnificence.   I close my eyes and yearn for this moment to extend beyond the morning and pursue me throughout the day.

            However, I am quickly reminded of the chaos that ensues.  I glance at the clock.  It reminds me that a departure time of ten minutes is required.  A series of intrusive thoughts hastily infiltrate my mind…The dog needs to be fed.  It’s Thursday, Oh, No!  Trash day…again.  I hear the phone ringing.  It’s my dad, of whom I had been trying to reach for four days.  As I answer the phone and begin a conversation, my best friend’s face appears on my screen, another call.  Are you kidding me, I think.  What next?  Not too long and I get the answer to that very question.  My neighbor approaches and asks if I would be willing to water her plants as they depart on a family vacation.  Subsequently, my son calls and reminds me that he will need to be picked up at 2:00 p.m. from work.  Sure, I think.  I can definitely split myself in half today, but only today.   

I quickly gather my belongings and make haste to the escape of my vehicle.  As I begin to proceed to my destination, I feel my thoughts slowly fade.  I think back to the sweet fragrances of a moment ago.  I exhale and earnestly await their return.