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A Childhood Memory: Soaring Heights at the Park

posted Jul 12, 2017, 7:45 AM by Eli Roberts
By Lou C.

“Can Lulu go to the park with us this morning?” Mrs. Garcia asked my mom as she opened the screen door at my house.

As soon as I heard Mrs. Garcia’s invitation, I whispered to myself, “Fun time!” while my heart did its own happy dance expecting my mom to reply yes to the invitation.

Going to Moody Park, our neighborhood park, with the Garcia family thrilled me because the Garcia’s three children were very close in age to me. Although I am one of six siblings, because there was an eight year gap between my age and that of my youngest brother, our interests and past times were different, so playing at the park with him was completely out of the question. Therefore, the thought of having instant playmates in the Garcia children made me giddy and elated.

On Sundays, Moody Park was always crowded with families especially in the summer. As soon as Mr. Garcia turned into the parking lot, my heart swelled with excitement. The delicious smells of meats grilling on pits billowed into the car and was a sure sign we were at the park. As we inched through the crowded parking lot, I looked out the window and saw children running and playing happily. I easily spotted the families celebrating birthdays because they were the groups with colorful piñatas and streamers hanging from the park’s large trees.

As soon as we were out of the car, I ran fast to the swing set to be the first to get an available swing. As I reached the swing, in one fell swoop I quickly grabbed the swing’s chains and threw myself up and backwards until my bottom made contact with the familiar wooden seat, and I pressed my tiptoes firmly against the hot cement and pushed myself back. When I was no longer able to push any further, I released my feet, and simultaneously kicked them upward and outstretched my legs toward the clouds so that I got the highest launch possible. As the swing made its downward descent, I bent my legs back until they pressed firmly against the seat. I continued with these motions in order to build on the momentum until my swing reached soaring heights in the sky.

I remember every time while on the swing, joyfully feeling the warm breeze gently hit my face and run through my hair. This was pure bliss! I am grateful to the Garcia family for all the wonderful childhood memories they helped me create. My memories of those times are truly special!