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Gifted and Talented Program

Welcome Parents

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This page will serve as an information hub for GT that will include newsletters, upcoming events, and discussions about the GT program on Campus.

GT Services

Sunset Valley serves students who are currently identified as advanced intellectually and academically. Their giftedness may surface as an outstanding aptitude in one or more of the areas of language arts, math, science and/ or social studies. Sunset Valley is committed to meeting the needs of all the children on our campus, including those of high academic/intellectual ability whose needs may not be met by the pacing and depth of the regular curriculum. Teachers who work with our identified GT students have completed a 30 hour certification course. They also maintain a 6 hour yearly update.

  • The Gifted/Talented program seeks to provide an appropriate match between a child's ability, interest and motivation and the educational opportunities that can nurture these qualities to the highest degree. Students who are identified as Gifted and Talented interact with trained teachers who recognize the students' special needs and will design and implement instruction to meet those needs. Students are clustered with 3-7 other identified gifted students in a classroom so they have the opportunity to work with like peers.
  • Sunset Valley accepts the challenge to find and identify giftedness through a broad screening process with the support and help of parents and teachers. Teachers are trained to better identify students using a variety of criteria in which testing is only one measure used. Our goal is to ensure that students are not overlooked.
  • Finally, Sunset Valley recognizes the social and emotional concerns that arise from the special abilities of the gifted/talented learner. Our guidance staff can counsel and assist gifted/talented students so that these students experience not only intellectual growth, but also emotional and social growth.

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