Dual Credit Courses for ACC

The following Austin Community College courses have been pre-approved for dual credit for the AISD courses listed below. In some cases, prerequisite courses may be required by ACC. If multiple courses are listed, all are necessary to meet the dual credit requirements. Students must complete the high school course (or the ACC equivalent) at their chosen location: high school campus or through ACC (mixing locations is not allowed if the high school course requires multiple  ACC courses). Additionally, students enrolled in dual credit courses may request permission to take Challenge Exams in areas they feel academically prepared. In both instances, if the student meets ACC’s expectations and the course is transcripted, AISD will accept these alternative methods for meeting dual credit requirements. Junior and senior students who have satisfied course prerequisites may apply to Austin Community  College to take the following  courses. Only courses listed here are pre-approved  for dual credit. Other courses listed on the ACC website may not be pre-approved  by AISD and will not be accepted for dual credit.

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***To ensure students receive high school and college credit please check with your high school counselor and college adviser***