Syllabus (Soc)

Kealing Middle School


Instructor:  Ms. Darcy McNutt

Planning Periods:  Period A1 & Period B2

Office Hours:  Wednesday 3-4:00pm or by appointment


Phone:  512.841.1185




Course Description

The goal of this elective is to help you see the world through social lenses. Sociology sees the influence of social factors on human behavior, emotion, and thought. We will practice the skills to help you become sociologists throughout the semester.

The secondary objective has to do with language. Sociology has its own language. And in sociology you'll also find that we have specialized terms for what you already know - you already know that you are a son or daughter, but did you know that son/daughter is comprised of status positions and roles? So, part of what we will be doing is getting specific words for the world around us. Your job is to have fun and be involved in class – my job is to have you learn something throughout the process J


Required Reading


No text is required.  Readings used will be provided as class copies or posted on the website.



Classroom Policies


This elective follows the same guidelines as set out in the Kealing Student Handbook.



Class Participation


The quality of your learning experience in this class as well as those of your peers will depend substantially on your commitment to be present and to collaborate. Active participation in classroom activities is essential for this elective to work and for you to have fun!   



Grading Policy


Grades for each six weeks will be broken down in the following manner:


25% Observation Journal

25% Class Work

25% Projects/Case Studies

25% Surveys


Observation Journal: Students will keep a small journal to jot down social observations they see in the community.


Class Work: Class work grades will be given based upon work assignments completed in class. Example activities: murder mystery party; movie reviews; beauty lab; etc.


Projects: Projects are designed reflect topics we cover in a given unit. These assignments often take many forms and some projects are done in groups or as a whole class. Example projects: emotions chart; Facebook project; evolution of social media; create a word; etc.


Case Study: Students will be able to choose a topic of interest in which they will dive deeper into a social profile. Example topics: CAP/Magnet; Hurricane Katrina; ‘hillbillies’; Oprah; flash mobs; the London riots; Hollywood culture; etc.


Surveys: Students will create surveys to help gather information for potential research projects. Students are required to take all surveys on the website. 


Proposed Class Schedule*

1st Six Weeks:                                               

         Introduction to Sociology

         How to Read Social Situations

         Criminal Defiance


2nd Six Weeks:

         Kealing Social Groups


        Local Sociology ‘Keep Austin Weird’

3rd Six Weeks:

         US Sociology and Laws

         World Social Groups

         Documentary Presentation


* This is a proposed schedule. Modifications may be made by the teacher or in collaboration with students.  Advance notice will be given if it becomes necessary or useful to make modifications.

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