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-ipster, the Pretentious Suffix: Press Release

Ms. McNutt’s Sociology Classes of Fall 2012


What is -ipster?

-ipster is a fresh and dynamic language platform created by the fall semester, period 4A Kealing Magnet Sociology elective.


How does the platform work?

-ipster is not a word but a standardized suffix that can be applied to any word. It is derived from the word hipster and is used to refer pretentiously to someone who is especially hip with regards to a specific topic or item. For example, when referring to someone who always wears trendy or fashionable shoes you could say “You’re such a kickster!” The rules for use of the suffix aren’t rigid and can be changed to fit the word being affixed to it, making it easier for people to make and use their own -ipster based words.


What is the purpose of the -ipster campaign?

-ipster is a project designed to educate sociology students about socialization and how quickly cultural elements such as language can spread in a society.


What is the goal for the platform itself?

We hope to create a popular language revolution with our new platform by employing multiple awareness campaigns schoolwide and beyond. We’ll know we’ve achieved this goal when the platform is widely employed by the majority of the school and citywide teen population. And that is our bare minimum goal- we know this platform has the ability to spread internationally.


How will the -ipster platform be marketed?  

We will be employing a wide range of techniques to introduce our platform to the population. Some of them may include:


       Videos on KBS news


       Social Media/the Internet

       Word of mouth

       Yearbook extract



       Personality quizzes




Why should I care?

This project is an exciting and educational experiment for our school, and we need your help to spread the word. Here are some ideas:

        Put -ipsters everywhere- on your chalkboard, in your homework assignments, on your tests, on your website, on your wall, on your face, etc.

       Tell your students, tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone!

       Encourage students to listen to KBS News and the morning announcements!

       Do an in-class assignment regarding suffixes and prefixes!

       Translate it into a new language!

       And most importantly: Use the suffix regularly!


How do I contact you?

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact Ms McNutt through 


We’re really excited about this project and we greatly appreciate your cooperation and enthusiasm as we move forward with it.


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