Literacy Plan Overview

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In order to ensure that all students are reading and writing on grade level and to strengthen core instruction, Austin ISD promotes a model of balanced literacy through reading and writing workshop to implement the English and Spanish language arts curriculum. This model facilitates the achievement of every student, representing an unwavering belief in the brilliance and potential of each child. The Literacy Plan supports a bilingual trajectory for students in Dual Language programs with the goal of complete bilingualism and biliteracy. The Dual Language website includes program model information that is aligned to the Literacy Plan.


The Literacy Plan includes district-wide literacy strategies that are woven throughout the day. It also includes vertically aligned Language Arts class schedules and norms to be used as a resource inside the LA classroom. This includes Language Arts class schedules for Dual Language program options. Lastly, the plan includes opportunities for students to interact with literacy beyond the classroom through the 5-Book Dive summer reading initiative and community partnerships.