Language Arts
The Language Arts Department is committed to substantial and sustainable gains in student achievement in all aspects of the Language Arts—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is our view that a student is not a "literate" student prepared for college, career, and life unless that student:
  • Makes a habit of reading for information and pleasure every day
  • Has extensive knowledge about the world and society
  • Has sophisticated logic and comprehension skills
  • Writes every day for a variety of purposes, and for a variety of audiences
  • Is able to eloquently and effectively express his or her views both verbally and in writing
  • Knows how to use the writing process as a way of understanding the world around them and communicating those understandings and beliefs
  • Is able to use technology effectively to facilitate gathering, organizing, and communicating information

Attaining our goal of ensuring a well-rounded liberal arts education for our students, while ensuring comprehensive literacy for all students, requires rigorous and engaging instructional strategies along with high expectations for student work and behavior. Every teacher in AISD is responsible for building the students' literacy skills, and every teacher must take advantage of every opportunity to prepare students to become productive citizens of a competitive global society.

Building a Foundation for Reading and Writing

The AISD Language Arts Curriculum Team has developed a set of tenets for writing workshop and reading workshop. 
These provide a foundation for building students' writing and reading skills across the district as well as a common language for instruction. They provide research and resources emphasizing the importance of differentiating instruction and applying the explicit instruction of grammar, spelling, and conventions directly to the students' reading and writing

These tenets are at the center of our Language Arts Model. This model is not a "plan;" it is the philosophical and pedagogical framework upon which the AISD Language Arts Curriculum is built.

Take a guided tour through the AISD Language Arts Model- Online Training Module (Register through HCP Course #77829)

Do the Write Thing!

The Do the Write Thing program engages students in thoughtful classroom discussions
Students receiving Do the Write Thing recognition
about violence and its impact on their lives; seeks their analyses of the causes and solicits their quest for solutions. The written composition portion cultivates logic, creativity and literacy. The Challenge gives the youngsters a forum in which to have their voices heard and their ideas valued. Reflection upon the causes and effects of violence inculcates personal responsibility.
       Students formulate their essays around the answers to these three questions:
• How has violence affected my life?
• What are the causes of youth violence?
• What can I do about youth violence?

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