Parent Gifted Characteristics Checklist and Nomination Forms

Parent Gifted Characteristics Checklists; grades K-12

All of these documents are available in English and Spanish.

Parents, guardians, and teachers can nominate students in grades K-12 for the GT Assessment Process during the 2-week GT Nomination Window. The school will notify parents and guardians about the open nomination window using more than one communication format. Examples include, School Messenger, school newsletter, email, notification flyer, school website, school marquee, or parent meetings.

Once the GT Advocate has collected all student nominations from teachers, parents, and guardians, all parents need to complete the Parent Gifted Characteristics Checklist. The checklist allows parents and guardians an opportunity to provide information regarding the child's behavioral and intellectual patterns at home. The student cannot participate in the GT Assessment Process if a signed Parent Gifted Characteristics Checklist is not returned to school.

The surveys can be sent home on paper or through email by using the links to the forms (above) so parents can download and complete the form at home before returning to school.

In the event a parent/guardian needs help completing the survey, an educator at the school may help translate, read, or write the responses for the parent/guardian directly onto the survey. This person must remain completely impartial and may not encourage the parent/guardian to select a specific response. He/she must include his/her name, job title, date, and brief explanation of the assistance given to the parent/guardian directly onto the survey for documentation.

Once returned, the GT Advocate will use the the scoring criteria provided to calculate the point values for each section (Humanities and STEM) for the parent checklist. Once the point values have been tabulated, the scores will be added to the individual GT Student Profile.