About Capstone

The Academy for Global Studies (AGS) at Austin High School is a member of the International Studies Schools Network.  International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) is a national network of public schools whose core mission is to develop college-ready, globally competent high school graduates.  The Capstone course is a course taken during an AGS student's senior year, and allows the students to showcase his or her college readiness and global competence.

There are two major objectives for the AGS Capstone class.  First, students are to develop and create a major service project that adheres to the ISSN Global Performance Objectives.  This project will consume the largest portion of the semester and will prove that students have synthesized abilities throughout their high school life in order to make them globally competent per the ISSN Global Performance Outcomes (GPOs). It is vital to the success of student projects that they are designed around and coordinated with the GPOs. Students will be given a large amount of latitude in planning and implementing these projects with Ms. Wroblewski serving as primary advisor to students and groups.

Second, students are to compile an ISSN Portfolio that summarizes the student’s time and experience at AGS.  This is the final artifact needed by students to complete their ISSN endorsement.  It will compile smaller artifacts from their time in AGS to show that they have been globally competent learners.

The Academy for Global Studies graduated its first senior class in the Spring of 2012.  The first AGS Capstone course was lead by Mr. Ryan Kerr, and you can see the projects from that class here. Visit the Fall 2012 page to see what projects are currently underway.