Community Supported Agriculture
Central Texas - Austin, San Marcos, Stonewall, Fredericksburg, Wimberly
Growing Vegetables God's Way

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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture provides a unique opportunity to invest in a local farm, paying the farmer at the start of the season in exchange for a weekly share of the harvest, as well as sharing in the risks inherent in farming.

This gives small farmers needed financial support to start their season, and gives each member a share of local healthful produce every week. With ideal weather, harvests may be extra abundant, while in the event of extreme weather conditions, weekly shares may be smaller, however this is unusual. 

Why CSA?

In recent years, the interest in local, sustainably produced food has blossomed. And with good cause...  Present trends in national health and the economy are requiring us to take a fresh look at many of the systems we rely upon for meeting even our most basic needs.
  Participating in a CSA program is one of the best ways to enjoy the local harvest while investing in true food security by helping a local farm succeed.


Ottmers Family CSA
is a partnership between two longstanding Central Texas farms combining efforts to give our members a greater variety of fresh, delicious, in-season produce...

Ottmers Family Farm
Kevin and Becky Ottmers have been growing vegetables for farmers markets in Central Texas for seventeen years.  Their farm is located in the rolling hill country 4 miles South of Stonewall, TX on land which has been in the family for 3 generations.  They have a 19 year old daughter named Heather and a 15 year old boy named Levi.  Kevin has been following a lifelong desire to be involved with agriculture.

Oma's and Opa's Farm
J.W. and Marion Ottmers have been growing vegetables since 1969 about 8 miles North of Stonewall.  They sell their produce at farmers markets throughout Central Texas.  J.W. became interested in farming vegetables and raising turkeys in his teenage years when his father was doing the same.  They have 5 children, all grown. Kevin being the oldest.
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Benefits of CSA Membership

Investing in an affordable source of locally grown healthy food

Reducing the carbon-footprint incurred delivering that food to our plates

Generating an authentic sense of food security

Connecting us in a very real way to the Earth and the farmers who tend our crops

Helping us to re-learn the art of eating with the seasons

Volunteers and Groups

A visit to the farm can be a rich educational experience, an opportunity to learn hands-on about the practices of natural agriculture.

We welcome individuals and groups to contact us about scheduling a visit.