Travel Card

The Travel Card program has been updated effective April 4, 2016. 

There's no need to keep returning your Travel Card; once it's issued. Keep the ACC Travel Card in a secure location and complete the Cardholder Change Request Form when you are ready to make your next trip. 

Travel Card cardholders will benefit from:
  • Reporting travel expenses online (required in new card program)
  • Spending flexibility 
  • Using the travel card to pay for actual meal costs.
    • Itemized receipts are required. 
    • Alcohol is never allowed. 

Travel Card cardholders will not have to wait for a travel reimbursement when using the Travel Card for all related travel expenses because everything can be paid with the travel card
  • Use travel card for all related travel expenses, or 
  • Pay for all travel expenses from your personal funds and request a travel reimbursement upon returning from your trip. 
  • If you need to claim mileage use the Monthly Reimbursement form. 
  • Use the Monthly Reimbursement form to request reimbursement for travel charges where a credit card could not be used. 
Notice: All reimbursement requests will be reported on a monthly basis. See the monthly reimbursement process website for more information.   01/17/16- SCR

To apply for a Travel Card or One Card, complete a Charge Card Application and Agreement form.