The Great Questions

at Austin Community College

Are you asking

The Great Questions

at Austin Community College?

Nearly half of US undergraduates attend community college.

Yet few community colleges offer discussion-based, Great Books courses as part of the core curriculum.

By asking the Great Questions, we mean to change that.

The aim of The Great Questions Project is simple: to provide all ACC students, regardless of major, the opportunity for early academic engagement with core-texts in discussion-based courses lead by faculty who are passionate about their success. Courses that revolve around a discussion model and offer core-text readings in lieu of textbooks help students of all age and ability levels develop the practice and skills needed to speak clearly, read carefully, reason effectively, and think creatively - giving them a solid foundation to build their academic careers, professional goals, and become engaged lifelong civic leaders. We firmly believe in the power of a community college education: to provide accessible and quality liberal arts education, ensuring that all can grow and prosper in our free society.

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Students and faculty participating in Great Questions seminar