The Great Questions Seminars

The Great Questions Seminars are a series of four 8-week seminars on Great Books meant to introduce Austin Community College students to the great questions of humankind. The Great Questions Seminars invite first-year ACC students to engage with core texts and challenging questions. 

We seek to provide ACC students with a liberal arts seminar experience not often found outside of the walls of private liberal arts institutions. The Great Questions Seminars are an academically rich introduction to college and are an invitation to a seat at the table of wisdom seekers, centuries long and shared by college and university students from all over the world. We welcome ACC students into the grand community of learners through an interdisciplinary study of great works of epic poetry, philosophy, mathematics, literature and beyond, and we hope to kindle the fire of a life-long love of learning that may guide us even in darkest of times.

Excellent faculty from across the college team up to lead these small seminar discussions, which meet once a week for 2 hours. Students who successfully complete all four seminars earn the distinction of Great Questions Scholar on their college transcripts, special recognition at commencement, an ACC scholarship and an opportunity to apply for a special scholarship for an ACC International Program of their choice. All Great Questions Scholars will conclude their first year at ACC with improved critical reading, thinking and writing skills, as well as the confidence to undertake lofty academic challenges in the future.

Students and faculty participating in Great Questions seminar