The Great Questions

at Austin Community College

The Great Questions Project is an effort to provide Austin Community College students with a core-text and discussion based introduction to college. Core-text and discussion-based courses help students develop the practice and skills necessary to speak clearly, read carefully, reason effectively, and think creatively, all of which create a solid foundation upon which they can build any academic major and profession they choose to pursue, as well as an active life of engaged civic participation. This is the goal of liberal education. Over half of United States undergraduates attend a community college, yet core-text and discussion-based courses are not typically a core component of course offerings at the community college. As a free society requires free people, the accessibility and quality of a foundational liberal arts education at the community college is essential to the maintenance of our free society. The Great Questions at Austin Community College strives to provide all ACC students, regardless of major, the opportunity for early academic engagement with core-texts in discussion-based courses lead by faculty who are passionate about their success.

Students and faculty participating in Great Questions seminar