Use MyMathLab to Access Textbook

Courses accompanied by MyMathLab

  • MATD 0330/0332 Basic Math Skills
  • MATD 0370 Elementary Algebra
  • MATD 0390 Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 1314 College Algebra
  • MATH 1316 Trigonometry
  • MATH 1332 College Mathematics

Use MyMathLab to get free access to the textbook for 14 days

See instructions for registering for MyMathLab. The linked page also tells you how to get free access for 14 days.

Register using free temporary access. Then go into your course, and find the electronic version of the textbook, following these steps:
  1. Choose "Multimedia Library" from the course menu.
  2. Choose "Multimedia Textbook" from the multimedia library choices.
  3. Choose any section to open the pop-up window from the textbook. 
From that window you can find anything in the textbook.

Get started right away

You are encouraged to register for MyMathLab using temporary access right away, even if you are still making some decisions about the course and materials. Before you make your final purchase of materials for the course, consider whether you will benefit enough from the software throughout the semester to purchase access. See information about purchasing options in the MyMathLab Center for Students.