Helpful Math Software


This is changing quite rapidly. Your instructor will tell you what software he or she finds useful and why. As our instructors develop materials to help students choose software and use it, we will make links available here.

  • Mary Parker's information on graphing software, including links to freeware. Winplot, which she describes here, is a quite powerful free graphing program which runs on the Windows operating system.
  • Macs come with a graphing calculator program already in the operating system. If the Windows operating system is also available on the Mac, you can run Winplot.
  • John Thomason usually has information on graphing software, including links to freeware

Other programs

Other software for special purposes is available. As the instructors of various courses identify and use software, we will mention it here.

  • Differential Equations: We are using ODE Architect at NRG, RGC, and RVS in these courses. Ask your instructor for additional information.
  • Statistics: While we use a real statistical software package in our statistics classes, some of the instructors in MATH 1332, College Mathematics, cover some statistics. They have found a nice package (for PCs) that does some simple statistics from the same person who does the WINPLOT graphing software.
    Web address from which to download WINSTATS | Extended help file for WINSTATS