Use technology in Your Course

Online Math Resources

Mathmaster has videos on dev math.

Khan Academy allows you to enroll (for FREE) and then you can sign up for a course or look for various

material. The Math Page - material on background algebra and calculus

Paul's Online Math Notes - has material in College Algebra and  calculus 1, II, III along with Diff Eqn.

These have material appropriate for dev math and maybe some background for algebra issues for MATH students.

Math is Fun -

Cool Math -

Video explanation of concepts ranging from basic math to Multi variable calculus and Linear


Math forum where anyone can view problems that have already been solved and also ask

questions of your own. Topics range from Lower level math to graduate math.

Very nice site (app also available).

The site can solve problems ranging from basic math to differential equations. Free version will

give you the answer only without the steps. The paid version will list the steps in addition to

giving you the answer.

The site can also graph curves.

Math site that encompasses all level of math including statistics. iPad app available in addition to

desktop version.

Monroe community college's "calcplot3d" is a resource several of us send our cal 3 students to: