Computer Mediated and Distance Learning

Computer Mediated and Distance Learning math courses are both taught online, using MyMathLab software. To determine whether a computer-mediated or distance learning math class is right for you, please complete the Lecture vs. Computer mediated survey (View / Download)

Computer mediated courses meet on campus, as frequently as a lecture course would meet, in a computer classroom. Software is the primary delivery method for the course material in the classroom. Students may also use the software outside of class in ACC Learning Labs, or on any computer that meets the minimum requirements. However, attendance is mandatory.

Distance learning is done primarily off-campus, at the students home or some other chosen location. For more location about the distance learning course delivery option, see

In both of these formats, students learn mathematics primarily using the computer software rather than the traditional lecture/discussion method of instruction. Tests are in written work format, given on campus in a secure test environment such as the classroom or an ACC testing center.

The same materials are used in all sections of a course, regardless of whether the format is computer-mediated, distance learning, or lecture. However, some teachers in lecture sections may not use web software much and ALL of the computer-mediated classes and distance learning classes use web software. In ACC bookstores, the shrink-wrapped package of materials for this course includes a folder with the access number for the web software called MyMathLab. If you purchase a shrink-wrapped package of materials, please don't open it until you talk with your instructor to be sure you are in the right course. Shrink-wrapped materials are NOT RETURNABLE after they are opened.

Used books do not contain access to MyMathLab and so students who purchase a used textbook must purchase MyMathLab separately. New books purchased in some way other than through the ACC bookstore may or may not include access to MyMathLab.

Students in these classes are in charge of their learning in a way that is different from a traditional lecture class. The format of the course is somewhat self-paced. This allows the student some freedom to set the speed at which he/she works through the material, which means that he/she may be able to complete the course before the end of the semester. It also means that students may spend less time on topics with which they are already familiar and more time on topics that are troublesome for them. Students will be provided with a weekly schedule of topics to be covered and a schedule of exams. In order to complete the course within the sixteen-week semester, students must generally keep up with the weekly schedule and test schedule. In order to succeed in this class, students should plan to spend about 9 to 12 hours each week working on the material, depending on how much of the material is already review for them.