Instructional Associates (IAs)

A Developmental Math hold is placed on a student's file when records indicate a student has had at least two unsuccessful attempts at a particular developmental mathematics course or has been involved in CCA. Students need to schedule an appointment with an Instructional Associate in order to discuss this matter and end the hold.

Completing developmental coursework is the first step to achieving academic goals. ACC takes very seriously the need to support students in completing the work so that they are prepared to succeed in college credit coursework.

The Instructional Associate will discuss the situation with the students and determine a plan for this coming semester. That plan will require them to take the appropriate developmental mathematics course and also require some supplemental work to support them in succeeding in the coming semester. Students should meet with a instructional Associate as soon as possible (prior to their next registration period).  Otherwise, they will be unable to register for classes.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

The ACC Mathematics Department