Kathy Walton


Office Hours:  Daily, 9-10 am, by email or appointment

Phone: 512-223-1790 x 22184.  It is best to email for questions or appointment

E-mail:  kwalton@austincc.edu

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Courses Taught:

FSHN 2309  Fashion Image

Instruction in the techniques used to analyze the fashion image of individual clients. Emphasis on personal coloring, seasonal color harmonies, appropriate fabric textures, body proportion and silhouette, figure, facial and hair analysis, and wardrobe coordination. Study of fashion image consultant business practices and job qualifications. Taught in Spring.


MRKG 1391  Special Topics in Business Marketing or Management

The course is designed to experience New York City, the heart of the business world! We will be participating in the Collegiate DECA Leadership Academy, held in November each year. Students experience the industry and career field of their choice by meeting with industry leaders, going behind the scenes to learn how business gets done, and putting their knowledge to the test to find new solutions to challenges that today's industries are facing! Students will network with other students from across the country and work in teams to address industry issues. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to live, learn and lead. Taught in Fall.

The career tracks include:
Finance and Accounting
Hospitality and Tourism
Business Management and Administration
Marketing and Communications

Students select the career track most applicable to their career plans. Workshops will focus on meeting industry leaders, visiting applicable business sites, and learning about business strategies within the track.Participation in this class meets the requirements of an internship for the Marketing department. Students are responsible for their travel costs, estimated to be $1,350, to be paid as a fee for the class. Tuition and food are not included in the class fee.

More info, syllabus and photos from last year's trip are available on the MRKG 1391 page.

Contact Kathy Walton, kwalton@austincc.edu for more information.


FSHN 2320  Visual Merchandising

Skill development in the creation of showroom or retail store window/interior displays that sell merchandise. Study of the basic techniques of store planning, mannequin dressing, alternate form design, and display space conceptualization and implementation. Taught in Fall.


FSHN 1308 Fashion Trends

A study of the effects of eastern and western cultures on the development of fashion.  The course will focus on the relationship of social, psychological, economic, historical, demographic, and lifestyle to fashion trends. The course is to give a broad spectrum of why people dress the way they dress and how the individual is affected by family, peers, society and the world.  With this information the student should be better able to understand and determine fashion trends. Taught in the spring.


MRKG 1311 Principles of Marketing

Introduction to basic marketing functions; identification of consumer and organizational needs; explanation of economic, psychological, sociological, and global issues; and description and analysis of the importance of marketing research.  


FSHD 1311  Fashion History

Survey of the evolution of fashion change, traced through garment development from ancient times to present day. A study of customs and silhouettes of each historical period and their modern day adaptations.