Hello, and welcome to my ACC web page. My name is Dr. Jennifer Beck, and I am an Associate Professor of Psychology. I've recently returned from an exciting project involving curriculum development and course re-design. Last year I traveled throughout the United States and Great Britain learning from universities and organizations that have developed courses and programs rooted in experience, collaboration, and a process known as design thinking. 

I will be teaching Introduction to Psychology and Social Psychology in the Fall 2015 semester in a variety of formats: in the classroom, online, and hybrid. 

Interested in taking an Honors course with me? 

Coming in FALL 2015, I'll be teaching Do Good, Design Better: Creating Change with Social Psychology (PSYC 2319). This course is open to students in the ACC Honors Program. 

Interested in taking a Hybrid course with me?   

Coming in FALL 2015, I will teach two sections of a hybrid Introduction to Psychology course. Have you taken a hybrid course yet? A hybrid course combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. My hybrid course is 55% classroom-based and 45% internet-based. This means that students will meet in the classroom once a week. The other weekly class "meeting" will take place online through Internet-based assignments. This type of course combines the best of two worlds: the opportunity to learn and interact with instructors and classmates in-person and the opportunity to learn independently and with a more flexible schedule.