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Scheduling System Tutorial


 Log into the new system (link is located above - "System Login")

  • Your username and password are the same as those you use for your eTime.
  • If you have trouble logging in please contact the ACC help desk at 512-223-HELP


Update your info

  • Click on the My General Info link on the far left panel.  Here you can update your certification level, contact information and  subjects that your are qualified to interpret. 
  • Place a check mark on all the campuses for which you are available to work.  You can check all and then check the ones your prefer to work at.   Remember that if you do not check a campus, you will not be asked to work there.


Updating your availability

  • Click on the My Availability link on the far left panel.
    • Click on Add Available Date/Time.
    • Choose a term (eg.Spring 2012, Summer 2021) from the drop down tab.
    • Check the days of the week for which you will be available.  Add your availability in blocks. (TIP: If you will be available at different times on Monday and Wednesday than Tuesday and Thursday, add the availability for each block of days separately.  A safe bet is to add availability for each day individually if you have complicated availability.  You can also add availability for everyday all at once by clicking on All.)
    • Pick a start time and end time and click on Save New Time Slot. Pick the widest availability possible to be considered for assignments.  If you show you are available from 8am-5pm and an assignment is from 4-5:20pm or 7:50am-9:10am you will not be considered for either one.
    • If your availability changes, please make sure you update that as soon as possible. 
  • Click on Add Unavailable Date/Time- follow the same process as above * please add unavailable time as soon as you know you will be unavailable so that Interpreting Services will be notified of your unavailability.  Add dates and times for which you know you will be absent such as vacations, pre-scheduled medical procedures or appointments. If you are already scheduled for a class during the time you will be unavailable you must request a sub for that class.


Checking and confirming your assignments and requesting a sub

Click on the My Assignments tab on the far left panel. Here you will find all the classes listed to which you are assigned.

  • You must confirm each class assigned to you. When you see the phrase "action required" 
    • Click on the blue tab with the yellow lettering that says “details”
    • Click to confirm/accept or decline an assignment
  • If you need a sub for one of your classes click on the blue tab with the yellow lettering that says details next to the class for which you are requesting a sub
    • Click thecancel assignment tab next to the date for which you need a sub
    • To check the teacher’s name, campus and room number, and your partner’s name and contact information click on the blue underlined name of the class
  • For any last minute sub requests (sudden illness or emergencies), contact Interpreter Services at 512-223-6155 and by email at interpservices@austincc.edu as soon as you know. 
 Interpreter Services Scheduling System Instructions as of 12/19/2011