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    Welcome to Interpreter Services!

             Here is the highlight of our Fall 2013 Interpreter Services Orientation. Enjoy!

    The Interpreter Services Department at Austin Community College (ACC) believes in and fosters the concept of equal access to communication and information for students, staff, and faculty who are deaf/hard of hearing.  
    Interpreter Services includes an Interpreter Supervisor, Lead Interpreter, two full-time staff interpreter, 6 part-time staff interpreters and approximately 100 hourly interpreters.  We provide interpreting services for credit and non-credit classes, student-teacher meetings, counselor-student meetings, campus activities, and special events at any of ACC's 9 main campuses and over 30 satellite locations.  There are on average 130 students who are deaf /hard of hearing enrolled at ACC in the Fall and Spring semesters. 

    Interpreter Services Provides: 

    • Interpreter and speech to text services to ACC students, staff, faculty and visitors
    • Information and referral to faculty/staff working with deaf students, deaf faculty/staff, interpreters, deaf students and the community
    • Opportunities for interpreters to learn, grow and be part of a team
    • Professional training opportunities for interpreters
    • Internship and mentoring opportunities


    • Serve as a communication link for students, staff and faculty who are deaf /hard of hearing during classes, meetings, tutoring sessions, school events, office hours, etc.
    • Serve as a resource for faculty, staff and students
    • Work between 2 languages; English and American Sign Language
    • Incorporate their knowledge of two cultures, Deaf culture and Hearing (non-deaf) culture into their interpretation