Our Industry Partners

APT Career Services Celebrates Our Grads!

Industry Partners

"Since the creation of the Austin Community College - Accelerated Programmer Training (APT) they have offered us innovative and efficient ways of finding both interns as well as skilled staff, some of which we have hired as permanent staff. The team at the APT Career Services has been great to work with and we look forward to filling additional positions with their graduates in the coming semesters." 

Eva Wermer

Recruiting Specialist, National Instruments

(From left to right): Clark Shaffer, APT Career Services Coordinator; 
John Ludes-Meyers, APT Grad; Stephen Cochran, APT Grad; and 
Eva Wermer, Recruiting Specialist with National Instruments

Check out Career Services for more information on the job search.

Our Industry Partners
The Industry Review Panel is an integral part of the quality control measures ACC will employ to ensure that both the competencies and assessments we use to prove them, are valid and complete.  We want to assure our Industry Partners that programmers moving through the Accelerated Programmer Training Program (APT) will arrive on day one of work ready to hit the ground running. 
Just click on the logos below, in most cases you will be brought directly to the career section of each company's site.