While some of these agencies may not be able to aid you in job placement, there are many ways in which they are ready to assist you. The US Army at Fort Hood has numerous programs for soldiers in transition.  The VFW of Texas offers things like legal clinics and in some cities even free legal advice. They share information about the Veterans administration and navigating those channels on their website.

Capital Idea connects committed, yet underemployed adults, to higher education and to employers in need of highly skilled workers. By working closely with local employers, they are able to identify growing fields that pay a living wage.

The Chamber, Round Rock Texas an accredited Chamber of commerce boasts that it is the second fastest growing city in the US. The Round Rock Chamber has a dynamic business group and actively works to develop opportunities for businessmen and wage earners alike.

We urge you to read their websites and see what is there for you.  These agencies WANT to help you succeed: utilize them. The best news is that in interest in ACC's Accelerated Programmer Training  program continues to grow.  You will find links additional agencies here as we make new alliances. 

Austin Chamber of Commerce


Texas Vetrans Commision

City of Austin



Austin Technology Council