Industry Partners

The Industry Partners Program offers opportunities for interaction between the participant, government, business and industry. Partners are introduced to the participants of the program and allowed the opportunity to recruit the participants before the rest of the technology market.

It is currently projected that within the next 5 years, over 
9,000 technology jobs will need to be filled in Central 
Texas. This program has been created to place people
in those jobs.

  • Partners receive the first opportunity to attract the best and brightest as they complete the program. Not only do you have the first shot at hiring an APT Program participant, you can also meet them while they are progressing through the program. We host events focused on our Industry Partners, allowing them the opportunity to meet and see the work product/projects that participants have completed during their study.
  • Participants will finish the program at numerous intervals throughout the year. So, no longer do you have to wait for May or December in order to recruit the future of your company.  Now you have the chance to bring future stars on board at any time. Since this is an accelerated learning environment, successful participants will be completing their certifications and degrees at various intervals. This will allow for more of a “just-in-time” approach to staffing your team.
  • All participants pass a selection process both online and in person, detailed interview process, and on-going interaction with a coach who helps to ensure that the participant has all the tools necessary to succeed. Participants are rigorously screened for the program. Studies prove that this type of program attracts highly motivated men and women many of whom who are in a career transition mode as well as newly graduated students. Therefore, you will be exposed to potential employees who have been in the workplace and understand the professional demands of such an environment as well as entry-level candidates.
  • Partner companies are encouraged to recruit participants who complete the program, hire part time interns during their study program, participate in the molding of curriculum topics to ensure the best match to their specific needs, and advise the program of shifts in their employment and research needs.
Bottom line: These collaborative partnerships support the development of an efficient and demand-driven education system that will align resources and service delivery with the real needs of local businesses. Similarly, Industry Partnerships represent strategic investments in this demand-driven system which maximizes work opportunity and removes employment barriers for employers and workers alike.

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