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Librarian and vet

We stand ready to serve you, as you stood for your country…

Assisting veterans in breaking through the cultural, educational, psychological, and economic barriers they may face in transitioning to the civilian world is an exciting mission for the APT team.  We want to assure our Vets that they will have access to the support they need to navigate the APT landscape.  
Our courses are different, for the most part online and available at an accelerated pace; each factor brings its own benefits and challenges. All APT students are offered one-on-one coaching and our veterans will be also be offered support through the Veterans Affairs nearest you. 
Please make use of the following links and information.  All the best to you!
ACC Veterans Affairs Hours and Locations

Cypress Creek
(512) 223-7569
Bldg: 2000
Room: 2114
T: 8a-5p
W: 8a-5p 

Highland Business Center
(512) 223-7569
Room: 301.1
M-F: 8a-5p

(512) 223-4360
Bldg: 1000
Room: 1106
M: 8a-7p
T-F: 8a-5p

(512) 223-6165
Bldg: G
Room: 8140
M: 8a-7p
T-F: 8a-5p

Round Rock 
(512) 223-0030 or (512) 223-0027
Bldg: 1000
Room: 1109
M: 8a-7p
T-F: 8a-5p

ACC Student Skills Workshops 
Topics Selected for APT Participants 

• Conquering Test Anxiety
• Goal Setting and Time Management
• Stress Management

Texas Workforce Commission
Skills to Work for Veterans

This site will assist you in preparing yourself for the transition from 
the military to employment in the civilian world. The number one challenge facing transitioning Service Members and Veterans is the ability to clearly translate military experience, training, and formal education into language employers can understand. This tool translates your experience and training into skills statements that may be used in developing a resume. The tool also allows you to match your specific skills to job listings in the region and city you select.