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Entrance Process

Instructions for Entrance into Accelerated Programmer Training program.
Complete these in order to prevent delays!

 1 1st Step- Complete FREE ACC Admissions Application. (New ACC students only)  
All Students: Please check for any holds on your account using Student Online Services.
 2  Complete the APT Intake Form. (Must have ACC student ID# provided via Step 1)

 3  Complete the APT Session Interest Card.  (Must have ACC student ID# provided via Step 1) 
 4  Attend a 20-30 minute interview. Once you have completed 1-3 contact Mary Kohls, Department Chair via email at Kohls@austincc.edu to request an interview time or you may call her directly at (512) 223.3185.  Her office is located at the Rio Grande Campus and meets with prospective students by appointment only.  

Alternatively you may contact Mary Kohls, Chair of the Computer Studies Department, to talk about your educational goals and present standing at ACC, and TSI math score (must meet department minimums to be waived or exempt).  This takes place the same day and is apart of the 20-30min interview time allocation. 
Assuming you're accepted into the program at this point and there are available seats, Prof. Kohls will either then enroll you in the course(s).

Once you have been admitted to the program you will continue to correspond with your
Student Support Specialist.  Although you have been admitted to the program your registration for the APT restricted sections will require a petition be granted and this is done only by the Student Support Specialist or Computer Studies Department Chair.  Additionally, the Student Support Specialist will discuss course options, provide course planning and recommendations, and provide you valuable insight about course workload and requirements when possible. 

Upon completion of the your award (during your last semester) you will be offered
career services guidance be provided by Clark Shaffer, APT Career Services Coordinator.

Although you are able to view courses in the Semester schedule, the APT sections are "locked" and enrollment is handled by the Student Support Specialist of Department Chair and only for students admitted to the program.