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Course Offerings

Courses Available & Launch Dates...

Fall 2015
ITSE 1303 Intro to MySQL
ITSY 1300 Fundamentals of Information Security
ITSE 2321 Object-Oriented Prog: Beginning Java

Spring 2015
ITSC 2335  Application Problem Solving
ITSE 1330 Introduction to C# Programming
ITSE 1359 Intro to Scripting Language:Advanced Python
ITSW 1307 Intro to Database: Access
ITSE 2356 Intro to Database Administration
ITSE 1392 Special Topic: Automated Software Testing

Fall 2014
ITSE 1394 Special Topics: Ruby on Rails
ITSE 1394 Special Topics: jQuery
ITSE 1356 Extensible Markup Language 
ITSC 2339 Personal Computer Help Desk 
BCIS 2390 System Analysis and Design: Project Mgmt
ITSE 1391 Special Topics: Fund. of Software Testing
ITSE 1393 Special Topics: Mobile Device Programming
ITMT 1300 Implementing and Supporting Windows 7 & 8

Spring 2014
ITSW 1304 Intro to Spreadsheet: Excel
ITSE 1345 Intro to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
ITSE 2302 Intermediate Web Programming
ITSC 1307 Unix Operating System I
COSC 1337 Programming Fundamentals II C++
ITSE 2317 Java Programming Intermediate

Fall 2013 
COSC 1301 Intro to Computing
COSC 1336 Programing Fundamentals I / Python 
ITSE 2309 Database Programming Oracle3 
ITSE 1311 Beginning Web Programming
ITNW 1325 Fundamentals of Network Technology
ITSE 1301 Web Design Tools

The Computer Information Systems AAS Degree includes courses from the Arts and Sciences curricula, as well as a wide array of computer courses designed to train the student for an entry-level programming position. 

• All certificates and marketable skills awards count toward the computer programming AAS and give students milestones on their way to earning the computer programming degree if they desire. 

• All modules apply to the Degree plan for AAS in Computer Programming and will be applicable to the certificate tracks in JAVA, C++ and Database programming. 

Marketable skills awards in Computer Networking and Computer Programming will be available for verification of demonstrated competencies as students move through the courses.

NOTE: the APT program will not offer LAN or Gaming Degrees or Certificates at this time.