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What makes APT unique? 
  • Often, due to prior experience or self study, a student may move through the modules in far less than the standard semester — and begin another course, in the same semester.  
  • Because these courses are competency based, assessments will require demonstration of those skills and concepts.  These assessments benefit those with experience and no certifications—they may challenge a course, or if they have specific certifications, then they may receive credit.
  • We don't want to mislead anyone Competency Based Education (CBE) puts the power of flexibility in your hands and with that power comes responsibility. You must budget the necessary time to complete and achieve competency, that amount varies and is entirely up to the individual.   
What credentials can students earn?
  • Participating students will, by the end of 2014, be able to access all courses for an AAS degree, an ACC Tech certificate, or  Marketable Skills awards in their chosen discipline. APT program designers will be building the curriculum in stages with 8 courses available in the Fall, 2013 semester, 9 more in the Spring semester of 2014 and the final 8 in the Fall semester of 2014.    
What are the key benefits of this program to students?
  • We respect the demands on your time and work to support you in that context.
  • A student can go as rapidly as they are willing, and able, to go through the work thereby accelerating the completion dates ahead of the syllabus schedule. However, it is not permissible to lag behind syllabus deadlines. 
  • Support - each student can elect to work with a Student Support Specialist to maintain motivation and momentum.  
How do I get started?