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APT Highlights

Over the past 12 months the Computer Sciences Department at ACC has been  developing 24 modular courses in the area of computer programming.  

Some concentrations included are:
  • ITSC 2335  Application Problem Solving
  • ITSE1330 Introduction to C# Programming
  • ITSE 1359 Intro to Scripting Language:Python
  • ITSW 1307 Intro to Database: Access
  • ITSE 2358 Intro to Database Administration
  • ITSE 1392 Special Topic: Automated Software Testing
All modules apply to the Degree plan for AAS in Computer Programming and will be applicable to the certificate tracks in JAVA, C++ and Database programming. 
Who is the APT program aimed at aiding?

  • The Unemployed through outsourcing (Trade Adjustment Act).
  • Those finding that they are stuck in their careers due to lack of degrees or certifications.
  • Veterans returning to the workforce seeking quick training in a valuable skill set. 
What makes APT unique?   
  • Rolling start and end dates: as of January 13, 2014 students have been able to initiate coursework at 4 week intervals. In some cases, because of prior experience or self study, students have moved through the modules in far less than the standard semester — and began other coursework. 
  • Support - APT Program participants have access to APT Support Specialists to help sustain motivation and assist with other general student needs. 
What credentials can students earn?
  • Participating students will be able by the end of 2014, to earn an AAS degree, an  ACC Tech certificate, or  Marketable Skills awards in their chosen discipline. APT program designers will be continuously building the curriculum through the Fall of 2014.    
What are the key benefits of this program to students?
  • We respect the demands on your time and work to support you in that context.
  • A student can go as fast as they are willing to go through the work with respect to course length.
  • Students can challenge a course or, if they have specific certifications, they may receive credit. 
How do I get started?