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The APT Program 
APT is an exciting opportunity for students interested in learning computer programming. The Department of Labor (DOL) and Austin Community College have launched a pilot Competency Based Education (CBE) program in accelerated training for programmers. CBE is a hot topic in higher education these days; particularly as the country searches for ways to improve college affordability and more accurately measure student learning.
The most important characteristic of competency-based education is that it measures learning rather than time. Students progress by demonstrating their competence, which means they demonstrate  that they have mastered the knowledge and skills (called competencies) required for a particular course. So, competency-based learning allows us to hold learning constant and let time vary.

Competency-based learning allows students to study and accelerate their course completion time if they are able.  It is ideal for those students who have the self-discipline and motivation to complete the course work without attending lectures and without having a person available to answer questions.  Some students’ learning style is especially well-suited for self-study and those with family or job responsibilities can complete much of their school work around their other responsibilities rather than having to fit their lives around classroom time. In addition, Austin Community College has initiated rolling start dates so that, if desired, students can begin new APT courses much sooner than the traditional model of waiting for the next semester to begin.

APT Career Services Celebrates Our Grads!

Industry Partners

"Since the creation of the Austin Community College - Accelerated Programmer Training (APT) they have offered us innovative and efficient ways of finding both interns as well as skilled staff, some of which we have hired as permanent staff. The team at the APT Career Services has been great to work with and we look forward to filling additional positions with their graduates in the coming semesters." 

Eva Wermer

Recruiting Specialist, National Instruments

(From left to right): Clark Shaffer, APT Career Services Coordinator; 
John Ludes-Meyers, APT Grad; Stephen Cochran, APT Grad; and 
Eva Wermer, Recruiting Specialist with National Instruments

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New APT Grad? Check this out...
Intel - invitation to apply
Intel Corporation is actively accepting applications for their BS, MS and PhD New Grad openings and would like to invite students from the Department of Computer Information Technology & Computer Science to apply.

Congratulations on your efforts towards the completion of your competency-based information technology program! We encourage you to continue your studies at WGU in order to earn a bachelor’s degree that will further enhance your professional opportunities.