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Military Professionals

Are you disciplined and determined to achieve more in less time?  If the answer is yes–APT may be for you!

Whether you are in the process of transitioning out or preparing for a promotion, the Accelerated Programmer Training (APT) course work may be the path that leads to attaining your goals. Designed so that you can continue meeting your current duties and responsibilities, you participate in this program at a variable rate. The faster you complete the modules, the faster you transition to your new career. Courses begin at the 16, 12 and 8 week intervals and continue as you reach completion of each module.

Additional Reconnaissance
The most relevant information to you may come from military professionals with recent experience in Technology positions. If you would like to confer with a veteran who recently graduated or is in a current class, email Mark Harden ACC Veteran Affairs Manager, or you may call Mark at 512.223.7574

Retooling your career? 
It has been our experience that disciplined, responsible people do very well in the APT program. We believe Vets match that description and want to be sure to say thank you and you are very welcome at Austin Community College. Read our site, watch our videos, call or email with questions, we are here to help. Thanks again.